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Traveling by air may be a necessity for those that have family members or friends in other parts of the country. As with any travel, it is important to plan ahead. We will give you a list of the items to pack in your activity bag, and give you tips on how to make the most out of your travel experience.

These include:

1. Find out your airlines regulations regarding child travel prior to departure. Many allow extra time for boarding and un-boarding, as well as other conveniences.

2. Bring your car seat. Most airlines will allow you to board the plane with your seat, so check beforehand.

3. Keep them entertained! Pack plenty of books, toys, and a portable DVD player if you can afford it.

4. Potty breaks. Try to use the restroom before boarding, as they are normally a lot cleaner and roomier. Board with a clean diaper, but be prepared to do an emergency change in the airplane bathroom.

5. You can choose which seats you want- most parents like to get a seat near the restroom or the front for easy access. If you plan on letting your toddler sleep on the trip, you can go with anything but the bulkhead seats. The armrests normally don’t move on these seats and your child won’t be able to lay in your lap for naps. Never sit near the emergency exits.

6. Snacks. Carry water, milk, juice, crackers, etc to keep your little one’s hunger at bay. Most airlines will run out of milk quickly so plan ahead and bring your own.

7. Ear pressure. If your baby is still bottle feeding or breastfeeding, try to feed them at takeoff and landing. Pacifiers also work well. This will help control ear pressure and keep them relaxed. If your child is older, try cotton or ear plugs to help relieve ear discomfort.

8. Bottle heating. If you must ask a flight attendant to heat a bottle for you, make sure to check it yourself before giving it to the baby. They are very busy and often forget to check the bottle, or they may not know what the correct temperature is.

9. Bring ID. A birth certificate or passport is required when traveling.

10. Relax!

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